As an artist, and technologist I enact speculative interventions and uncover new political imaginaries. Digital conversations are recontextualized, landscapes are reconfigured, algorithms are queered, and all are presented as embodied data. In constituting vision as a type of data processing, I attempt to answer the question, “What does it mean to see like a machine?”

Living and working in Victoria, BC, Canada, I collaborate widely with artists and engineers from a variety of fields. By day, I’m a Staff Developer at Shopify. Some of my past projects include: building an autonomous camera for landscape photography, developing workflow tools for fine-art fabrication, founding a community gallery in rural Washington State, building websites for community organizers, and serving as lead engineer for an autonomous art robot.

Web Development

The following projects are a sampling of my work as a software engineer. In some cases I was sole engineer and experience designer, on other projects I worked with a team. I specialize in frontend development with tools like React and WordPress, but regularly take on work that includes API engineering or other full stack scopes.